Wednesday, March 3, 2021

F-F-F-Free Dance Whaaaat?

 Yep.  I succumbed.  Today I had my first lesson toward working on a Solo Free Dance.  I don’t know what level it will be.  The rules are confusing.  It will either be Bronze or Silver in an adult competitive event - or Adult Juvenille.  As of now we are programming 1:40 +/- 10 sec .....   if it’s Silver I’ll need to be able to do Twizzles on both feet 😧- otherwise I can get away with just one foot!

We had a bunch of songs in contention but we decided pretty quick today.  I loved all the choices but thought this one resonated with me.  It’s slow enough and I think I can handle the emotion required for it!

Besides .. Walking After Midnight .. is perrrrrfect for a SOLO free dance!  My amazing coach Naomi Lang whipped out the first 22 seconds of this without hesitation.  She just listened to it for 30 seconds and started out ... Yep... I see this.. and this and this.  How do they do it?  I’m grateful she not only showed me the steps but let me record it.. I started to write it all down but I am so SLOW to learn choreography-

What else would you expect from a 5 time National Dance Champion and International and Olympic competitor? I only wish I had the skating chops to do it justice.


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