Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Head Over Heels

 Well I finally did it.  It’s been a long long time since took a spill like this.  Today while doing absolutely nothing - I managed to let my feet go out from under me and fell backwards and let my head bang the ice. Longest second of my life.  I thought about how much it was going to hurt my arms and shoulders .. till I heard the cranial thump!  Took me a few moments to shake it off before I could even get up and another 5 minutes off ice trying to evaluate if I had any visible signs concussion.  

Of course our motto is “We Get Up” right?

Prior to this fall we started trying out Twizzles together.  I learned a new beginners arm position for ice dance down at our sides.  We also did some practice with swing rolls in varying dance holds.  We need some serious practice time together without the coach to work on our skating rhythym together.

After today we are both out of town for a about  a week so we’ll get back to it at the end of the month again.

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