Friday, August 12, 2022

Picking Apart My Twizzles and Three Turns

 I really struggle with balance on Twizzles and some Three turns .. especially inside controlled ones like in moves in the field.  I can do them in freestyle - like before a Toe Loop or if I choreograph one particular one into a program - it gets practiced over and over so I find the balance of it.

Obviously I am not practicing the moves in the field enough to find my balance on them.  I know what I am doing wrong YET I am (thus far) unable to take the words of my coach and correct the problem.

Problem:  Keeping my hips tucked under me.  Using enough ankle/knee bend to keep the edge with just my lower body.  I usually stick my butt out - which needs to be counter balanced so I then lurch my upper body forward some.  That makes the turn off balance and harder to check the exit edge. 

Simple right?  I know what’s wrong so just correct it!  I wish.

My Twizzles have the issue of turning into spins (too centered) or turning into loops (inside edge vs a traveling three turn).  Coach thinks part of the problem is in my entry arm position.  I tend to shoot both arms straight out in front of me… causing the same problem as above… off balance.  

Now we are trying more of a “sweet spot” approach to them.  We did a two foot spin test and used my arm position of that spin to gauge where that spot was and are trying to apply it to the Twizzles arm position.

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