Thursday, November 17, 2022

Counters - Chocktaws - Twizzles before Thanksgiving!

 Leaving tomorrow for parts much colder than Arizona.  Got my last lesson in today with beautiful and talented Naomi Lang.  My lessons are so low key with her vs with Vitali when my heart rate goes skyrocketing!  But that’s ok.   She helps me with so many fundamentals and now I am trying to increase my skating vocabulary from 

Three turns and Mohawks to 

Brackets, Rockers, Counters and Choctaws.   This may take some time.  I’ve been working on some of these off and on for a few years.

Now .. considering my coach is actually a Karuk descendant …  AND the first Native American to participate in the Olympic Winter Games (2002) perhaps I should stop calling them Choctaws and Mohawks and start calling them S Steps and C Steps.   Such a hard habit to break. I will try.

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