Monday, November 28, 2022

It’s Warmer In The Rink

Yep.  26º outside.   35º in the rink.   

While I am looking forward to getting back to Arizona where the rink is colder the outside air temperature… it was fun skating today at my home rink for Adult Drop In Coffee Club in Spokane at Eagles Ice Arena.   I was hoping to work off some of the Thanksgiving pie consumed this weekend.

I brought my freestyle boots and blades with me in case I had a chance to skate with my pairs partner of yesteryear Hank … but alas he didn’t make it today.  Maybe we can get together later this week.

Skating on my FS blades - are scary after being on my dance blades for months and months.  I was happy to execute nearly all my jumps sans Lutz … toyed with some choreography and tried some spins too.

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