Thursday, December 29, 2022

Auld Lang Syne 2022!

Last skate of the year.  Good riddin’s 2022.  I’m pretty happy how it ended. 

Skating Accomplishments of 2022

March:  1st competition in 6 years - 1st place Adult Sectionals in Bronze Solo Free Dance

October: Tested/Passed  Pre-Bronze Partnered Free Dance with Mike Otis 

                Tested/Passed Adult Juvenile Solo Free Dance

December: Tested/Passed Pre-Silver Partnered Dance with coach Vitali Vakunov

So for the last skate of the year - 

  My lesson was cancelled today because we didn’t have normal ice times so I skated at Gilbert during the adult public session.  

  I’ve been trying to put some real practice into the 30 seconds of choreography so that when I do get another lesson we can move on!  Usually there is a lot of backtracking and wasting valuable coaching time so I am happy to almost have it down .. I just need to clean up the “character” extend toes and fingertips and clean up some sloppy skating.


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