Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Pre Silver Dance Test - Passed by All 3 Judges

 I am so excited.  I passed my Pre-Silver Dances.  All 3 of them. 

The plan was to skate the Fourteenstep and the European Waltz and see how tired we were. We kept going and tired?  Well yes I was! We started the session at 2:00 pm and ran all the dances several times with warm up exercises before we did the dance patterns.  Then,  I ran off ice and got my dress on and we ran them again!   Then we started the test.  Geeez Louise!  It definitely gets the jitters out of your knees to warm up that much but I just about collapsed when it was all over!

I just received all the judges forms.  Happy to report a pass by all 3 judges.  Kudos to them all for pointing out my strengths and weaknesses.  I do think it would have been a better skate had we not had so many people on the ice and having to start our own music, etc.  I do appreciate all the opportunity the virtual testing offers, but there is nothing to compare to the “performance” aspect of standing in front of live judges with one shot only.  Thank you judges and thank you coaches.  Silvers are going to be tough.

Judges write ups are in the 2nd video  

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