Thursday, December 8, 2022

Arizona Ice Again

Ok .. I’m back for the rest of the winter season in Arizona.  Time to get busy LEARNING something new and I’ll start by not making too many excuses as part of my 2023 resolutions!

I skated Monday on an adult session and did a little freestyle after running my dances (not shown).

Then had my Thursday lesson with Naomi Lang.  We are going to start working on a new program soon but I need to get my HOUSE in order.  Namely .. learn some of these harder turns and get my Twizzles moving down the ice without hesitation.  The next level free dance for me is Solo Intermediate which requires an end to end step sequence, a spin, a side to side choreographic sequence (????) a short edge and a Twizzle sequence with no more than 1 step between.  😱  Needless to say - this will take at LEAST a year for me to do .. maybe longer.  But starting is the fun part.   I’m leaning toward a tango (so I don’t have to smile!) 

But today we just worked on fundamentals.

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