Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Short Practice and Off Ice Lesson

I was planning on having a regular lesson today although I had no idea what we were going to work on.

Lacing skate boots is a very OCD thing for most skaters.  We all have our ritual or way of lacing that works best and feels comfortable to us.  Sometimes, despite my best effort to lace good from the start, they will loosen up so much that I get a wobble in my ankle .. great for spread eagles, bad for jumps.

No matter what I did today, I couldn't get lace happy, so I took my skates off before my lesson!
My coach decided since my skates were off already that she would give me an off ice lesson today.

We worked on 1/2 turns and full turns in place (which I have done before)
Some of the jumps starting with a Waltz Jump, then Toe Loop, then Salchow.

As a child the only off ice jumping I remember doing is a Waltz Jump and trying to do an Axel (which I never could)

Coach Berkley says next week we will do 15 off ice and 15 on ice and she wants to put me in the harness!  If you have followed this blog since the beginning, there was a time last year when she wanted to put me in the harness before and we somehow got distracted from doing it.

I am a little nervous about it having never been in one.  My fear is that I will hurl myself into the biggest leap and she won't be holding the rope and I will splat!

Anyway, here is my progress today.  YES progress.  Camel Spin on the horizon.


  1. Hooray for progress! That camel spin is looking great, Diane!

  2. If it weren't for the harness I never would have discovered what and axel, d sal and d loop actually feel like. My coach didn't weigh much more than me and I felt very safe. He used the kind of harness that looks like a giant fishing rod, not the kind that is suspended from a cable attached to the ceiling. Give it a try, think you will be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Funny you should mention the harness today... I did it. The harness that is. We have both kinds, but we used the cable type at the back of the rink on the short axis ... it was fun. I'll post a video later.


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