Monday, December 2, 2013

Adult Swim

When I got to the rink today I was surprised and elated to see 4 other adult figure skaters on the ice.
3 of which, like me, all hope to go to the 2014 Adult Championships in April and skate our legs off ...

.. Well, at least show up and do our best!

I was supposed to meet my new choreographer today, but her husband fell ill with the flu and she had to cancel.  I was so disappointed, but we will meet soon and get started putting together my dramatic and light entertainment programs.

In the mean time.  It was business as usual.  Video captures a few jumps and some Camel Spin practice.
Like the backspin, I am getting closer .. one in every 5-6 spins doesn't see-saw.


  1. How exciting to have 4 other adult skaters practicing with you! Your camel spin has improved dramatically - it is looking great!

  2. I like your camel spin– much better than mine! Glad you had your 'fun' day to tide you through the MIF-- actually I'm usually good with doing my MIF, except that it takes so darned much time.


Cold Toes

 That is my excuse of the day for not skating my best!  More Silver Tango 🥱