Saturday, December 14, 2013

Freestyle Session At Frontier Ice

Since I took Friday off I wanted to skate over the weekend and try a few of the things I learned from the choreographer.

One of the things I worked on was a footwork sequence, which consisted of:

RI  Edge
Toe Pick L/R
LI Edge
R Inside Three Turn
LBI Edge + Cross RBI Edge
R Mohawk
Cross R
L Mohawk
Cross L

When you put it all together and DO IT RIGHT .. it should look pretty good.  Right now I look like I am drunk and stumbling out of a bar.

The other thing she wants me to try and learn is this so-called "clamshell back spiral" ...

While gliding on a Back RO Edge I am supposed to bring my L knee up to my chest, reach over and grab the heel of my L boot with my R hand and while still gliding --- extend my left leg as much a possible, striving for a straight leg, L arm off to the side.

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