Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Spins

Today my practice was very short and the ice was awful.  It's normally great at my rink.  So I just worked on a few of my "To Do" list.

Back Sit Spin

After my lesson the coach said I need to close my legs!!  Pretend like there is a mitten between them and hold it there.  The open position seems to be out of fear of falling backwards.

Flying Camel Spin

Working on starting from a standstill then trying from an inside three turn.  The key is the entry.
Getting up on your toe before jumping to the other foot and landing in a spinning position.

..... both are going to take some time to learn.


  1. Great starts to two new spins! I'm sure you'll get them soon - you learn things so quickly!

  2. They are both skills I had as a child, but they weren't that good then. All my back edge spins are harder than I remember!!



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