Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Practice & Moves Lesson

Monday turned out to be a very social day on the ice.  My friend Heather of  (a great new online store for all things figure skating) was on the ice practicing along with several other adult skaters.  It was public, but it felt like a low level freestyle session!

In my 45 warm up before my lesson I worked  on

  • Loop Jump with an arm variation down at my sides.  Improper boot lacing will hamper this!  I wasn't "strapped in" tight enough.  
  • Flying Camel - going slowly and making baby steps of progress
  • COE (Change of Edge) Spiral.  These are REALLY hard for me.  I took a good spill trying!
  • Back Sit Spin (not pictured in the video)  Getting lower 
When my lesson began we just worked on Silver MIF today, primarily the 8 Step Mohawk Sequence and Three Turns.


  1. Those change edge spirals are impossible! I always have to "swim" with my arms in order to get the edge to flip correctly. Let me know if you figure out the trick to doing them!

  2. I do too.... yesterday I aimed for the wall hoping something would happen before I crashed into it.... result: I crashed into it and fell ! Too bad the video was unable to capture it.

  3. Sounds painful Diane. I'm glad you had a good practice, though, with some friends to share it with. I love it when a public session is uncrowded and has skating friends on it, feels like a win.

  4. Feeling very inspired reading your blog! You're where I hope to be one day....Will keep bumbling along and trying my best until then, haha!

  5. Thank you. Summer is near and it's going to be hard to keep going at it but keep skating!


Next Week TEST (trial)

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