Tuesday, August 26, 2014

And Then There Were 2 ....

It's like being empty nesters !!!

....  After a few weeks of company and family visits - I am ready to start taking my skating a bit more serious and delve into practice 4-5 times a week + off ice and workouts.

My goal is to prepare my Silver FS program and use it for testing.. instead of what I did last year....which was preparing for my Bronze test and then changing it for competition.

STAMINA ?  I'll work on that as we go.  I just want to get it all choreographed and then work on the details ... LIKE LANDING THE JUMPS (Ha ha)

I skated 2 FS sessions today and had a short 15 minute choreographer lesson at the end.  We worked on my Silver FS program opening ..

This year I am skating to the theme from the 1960 movie Exodus.  A Leon Uris novel made into a movie about the founding of the State of Israel.  Ok....that's 2 years in a row I have picked music with a Jewish theme.   My coaches wanted something powerful for me to skate to ... as my delicate artistic side seems to be lacking !!!  We'll see.  Here's my dress..


  1. You already have your dress, that's pretty far ahead of the game!

    1. Start with the music... Then the dress .. Then the program

    2. I love your new dress! My sequence is often start with the dress...then the music...then the program. Hope to see both of you at Sectionals in March. I am still working on horrid sit spin. It is lower but not low enough to test yet. Sigh...

  2. I know the music from Exodus and had it in my head while watching. Then I turned up the volume on my speakers: The Hot Honey Rag from Chicago was NOT was I was expecting!! LOL!!

    The dress is beautiful. The music is beautiful. I'm sure the program will be wonderful. Can't wait to see the end product!

    1. We are just getting started on the program. i needed some filler music for the rest of my practice! Ha!

  3. Beautiful dress-ck. Dramatic music-ck. Your FS program will be so lovely! When is the testing date?

    I've got two months to get over the evil forward to back change of edge mohawk between crossovers for Adult Pre Bronze. Since that fall a few months ago, my body just freezes up :( I can do it when practicing...but punk out when the time comes...But, I will get over it. I just keep visualizing myself performing the transition move correctly...hopefully that will happen.

    I did something my last practice that I've never done-back inside edge loops. My coach told me that her high level students have issues with performing them. I think they are easy...yet I have trouble doing that mohawk :( Such is skating for me right now...

    I video taped it on my phone to show my coach. I will send a copy of the video to your email (so you can see why I also can not leave the earth's gravity during my jumps ;p) It was my first time filming myself, so go easy on me LOL :)

    1. Thanks Denise... "forward to back change of edge mohawk between crossovers " Is that something choreographed in your FS test program? You will get it.. for mohawks... practice the edges independently then stepping from one to another won't seem so hard.

      Good job on the inside loops too.. I haven't tried loops since I was 10 .. wasting the last 5 minutes of my patch ice for figures trying to do high level figures!


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