Friday, August 29, 2014

Fun Friday ... Or So I Thought It Would Be

.... I skated Mon-Tue-Thu already this week.  Any more than that and my 54 year old joints and muscles really give me trouble.   I decided to skate at EWU today since they are open and cheap.. $5 for a 5 hour session.  I got there and had a fresh cut sheet of Olympic Ice for the entire session...

I only wish I had the stamina and skill to put it to good use.  I came away feeling really defeated after attempting to try all of the Adult Gold Moves In The Field.


My video is so long.. I split it into 2 segments.  MIF and FS.

Obviously I need lessons and a ton of practice on the moves.  The double three turns are hard.  The back outside 8 is much harder than I remember and the brackets...well... that's like saying .. do an Axel ... I can't get my head to tell my feet to do that (yet).. and it may never be comfortable.

After that.. I worked on the little part of my new program that is choreographed and I did a little improv at the end of each one to work on my stamina since it's only partially done.




  1. I thought of you yesterday when my coach started teaching me forward and backwards power stroking...only mine where not as nice or as fast as yours :). She told me the key was counting to three before each crossover on the start of the first circle, then 2, then 1 on the last..she also introduced me to the world of power 3 turns...

    I also asked her to show me how to do some compulsory figures that I could practice to help me with control and flow. I don't know if practicing those would help with brackets, because I am not that advanced...but you never know ;)

    And please do not feel defeated about your Gold moves. Look how far you've will master them!

    1. Good luck with your new moves Denise.... I used to love doing figures as a kid. Just trying the outside back 8 now for the Gold moves ... makes me laugh. I don't know how I was ever able to do tracings on top of each other!!!

  2. Thanks :)

    My coach said back in the day you could tell who was good at figures and who was not, just based upon the width of the tracings within the figure...I'm lucky if I can make the waltz 8 Although, my coach said my outside edge hold was good enough to earn me extra points...we shall see come 26 OCT...just have to remember to do those 3 turns with my shoulders cause I'm scraping...esp on the right (bad leg). Am practicing today so we shall see how it goes...

    She also told me compulsory figures may be making a come back... ;)


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