Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Forgive Me Ice For I Have Sinned .. It Has Been 12 Days Since My Last Confession..

Yep.  12 days.  No ice.  No off ice either.  That last photo shoot of me trying to do an off ice Axel and the previous days off ice lesson really made my body (bones, muscles, joints, back, feet, ankles) ache.

Then I took a weekend holiday and when I returned home there were golf obligations for my league (that I am president of) and then my husband and I took our travel trailer out for one last fall excursion to Glacier National Park.

So I did exercise a bit.  Walking the golf course a few times and going on a 4.7 mile hike, but nothing skating related.

Today I attempted to skate, but oh the price we pay for time off ice....

This video is about 12 minutes of boring moves in the field, done poorly with a little comic relief at the end.


  1. I think a long rest is good for your body (at our age especially). At least that's what I've been telling myself as I have been resting much more than skating yesterday (still trying to calm Achilles tendonitis). You get a good under-push on your crossovers, especially at the beginning of your circles. One thing I was told on my crossovers is to try to stay down throughout instead of rising with or after the cross. Don't know whether your coach follows that same idea.

    1. First and foremost .. thanks for sitting through a very boring video!! There is a reason they took school figures out of competition... they are boring as hell to watch. But they aren't boring (for me) to do. That is my promise to myself, that even if I give up on advancing or competing in free style, I should have the strength to keep working on moves in the field for a long time to come.

      As for my technique on the gold moves (or lack thereof) ... We are still working on the basics. My only lessons so far have been on the crossovers and the backward eight - We haven't gotten past that because there are so many issues to tackle in just those. And I thought those two were going to be the easiest of them all! All I can say is there is nothing easy about any of the Gold Moves.

      My coach has not mentioned it yet, but I will try that.. staying lower on the cross strokes. I always felt like I had strong crossovers but this move will put anyone to the test. Especially the increase in tempo for each step. After about step 11 it is really hard to stay dug in on edge and stay low and NOT TRIP !!

      Cheers... Diane


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