On The Edge... Again

The last time I skated regularly, you needed 2 pair of skates, a scribe and skated patch. Triple jumps were almost unheard of, so were Bielman spins. Twizzles were only done by ice dancers and Ronald Regan was just elected into office.

Fast Forward 32 years. Starting January 2, 2012, I am back on the ice doing something else that was unheard of .... Adult Figure Skating. We had "coffee club", which was like adult swim, but there was no opportunity for testing or competition.

Update 2021. It has now been 9 years since I began adult skating. I have not competed since 2016 , but my blog is still going. My YouTube channel has over 1.76k subscribers. That’s just crazy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Freestyle Session - Jumps

I have a FS lesson tomorrow and I didn't want to show up without any FS practice this week.. so off I went in the middle of the day to a 2:15 session ... Lots of kids as you can see.

Any day I attempt a Lutz jump without my coach present is a day I am working hard!

I am supposed to be working on a Lutz-Loop combination and a Flip with a more difficult double three turn entry as well as a Loop jump with a different arm position.

Today I tried a few Flip-Loop combos and I did try a Lutz - Loop combo at the end of my practice while running what I have of my program so far.  (Choreographer out of town till next week)

Spins are off and I am finding there isn't enough time to practice everything in 1 session any more, but I don't have enough energy for 2 sessions.

Monday I went to the gym after skating and I feel wrecked.  Back and shoulders and lower back are in agony ... thankfully there's Advil and .. Alcohol (Chardonnay).

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  1. Good luck with your FS lesson today. I sent you an email, but in case you didn't get it...I finally somewhat mastered the evil mohawk yesterday with my coach. I was trying to one foot it...but that change of edge mohawk requires two feet..LOL. Now if I can just get my hips to cooperate...

    We too also worked on spins, since she thinks I should go ahead and do the Pre Bronze FS after I do the Pre Bronze MIF. My problem...since I'm the "loop" queen is entering all the spins via three turns. And also...the dreaded two foot spin...so I feel your pain. Just have to remember to keep my elbows down and in when pulling in to spin...However, if my spins where anywhere near your perceived lousy ones, I be a happy lady :) So keep at it! You can do it!!!

    Will also place a few shots of Fireball Whiskey next to the candles...hopefully, the skate Gods will smile on us ;)