Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Moves

I have reserved my much hated Mondays for MIF practice and lessons.  I don't mind the Moves In The Field at all.. I just hate Mondays!  (because of 2 days off the ice on the weekends.. usually)

So far all we are working on are the Power Circles and the Backward Eight.

Learning the placement of all the steps on the Power Circles is my challenge.  I was counting each crossover vs each step and it was not working out.  I had a 1-2 1-2 1-2 cadence going.  I need to learn 1-2-3-4-5-6 .. and so on.  Each step must increase with speed and be stronger.. the last 10 strokes get wobbly especially on the CW direction.

The Backwards Circle Eight is really holding me back right now.  I can't control my core and stay on edge.  Coach Berkley suggested I keep my head on the inside of the 2nd back outside circle, but it feels very unnatural to me.


  1. Wow, she gets her head way inside, or maybe she's just emphasizing it for the lesson. I haven't heard that exactly, but I've heard related things from ice dance coaches (pretend you are leaning onto a a very high teepee, or pretend you are leaning onto a beach ball). I think you have a good start on these moves-- you have good power and flow on the power circles and the fact that you can already get around the back inside figure 8 when you've barely started working on them is excellent.

  2. I think she is emphasizing but she also has amazing core strength. She's a competitive body builder (bikini category) .. she will get me straightened out eventually. I'm pretty stubborn when something doesn't feel right. My muscle memory is strong, but I had bad habits as a kid too.

  3. The backwards figure 8 was my strongest move going into the test. One tip I can give you is to make the circle larger than you think. My circles were HUGE, but the judges actually wanted them bigger! I can't tell if you have hockey circles/dots at your rink, but I always aimed to hit the red dots on my pattern. For the power circles, make sure you are pushing with both feet during each crossover. The leg that is underneath also needs to push - judges are looking for power from both legs and not just the outside leg. Looking good so far, Diane!

    1. I am not getting enough momentum to get around the smaller circles yet I thought I would start small and build up my confidence and make them bigger as I go. Roger on pushing both feet on the crossovers as well I do know this and I am able to do it on one side but on the forward crossovers going clockwise is not my good side and I'm pretty weak I'm just in the beginning stages though so I'm sure things will come around



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