Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back on Public Sessions

Now that school is back in session I can return to skating on public sessions most of the time.

... but I have to admit, this summer I spent a lot more ice time on club ice free style sessions and I have lost my fear of skating with the kids.  On the contrary, I think they motivate me to skate harder during my sessions.


  1. Definitely! I'm far more worried about skating with a little kid who might randomly take me down from a a spin on a public session than with the young skaters. But the public sessions are so cheap and often so uncrowded that I use them as much as I can.

  2. Yes...the back to school clear out. Been waiting for it all summer :) Was like the orange cone jockey during all the summer

    I tried the freestyle sessions and found them to be very intimidating. Young girls jumping everywhere...Russian coach screaming at them while they skate the entire ice...and me...the lowly adult trying to perfect a waltz 8 step...and not able to cone myself off..LOL

  3. My rink has a quiet public session at 11:15 every day .. however this year there seem to be more skaters than last year. I guess the word is out. Last Friday I went to EWU and had clean ice all to myself ... it was almost scary!

  4. I'm glad to have my Tues/Thurs 9-10:30 am session back. $5 for an hour and a half of ice time. And most days during fall/winter, its like the video I sent you...That day, I had clean ice all to myself for the first 30 mins. It was scary, and I took a video of myself doing a salchow and I'm hesitant with my back crossover speed cause I'm a little freaked about being alone ;)

    Also..right now the heat/humidity levels we are having is causing condensation water droplets to fall off the lamps above the ice. There are hard ice bumps and pits everywhere...and it can be dangerous...esp in the center face-off circle of the ice...



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