Monday, December 15, 2014

Lost My Camel Spin

Public was busy today.  My legs always seem to let me down.. watching videos and thinking about skating motivates me, but when I "strap on" my skates, my utter exhaustion and my degenerating knee and hip joints tell me otherwise.

Friends tell me ... "you look great".  I am never fishing for compliments.  Trust me I am my biggest critic and my coach says things like "they were all small mistakes"  "you are skating strong" .. but from my perspective it sucks!

There are many things I will never be:

I will never be 5'8" tall and lean.
I will never have a double jump.
I will never have enough energy to provide me the kind of confidence I wish I felt while skating.
I will never not envy someone else's skating.

If only I could live by a better mantra:

I am a 55 year old figure skater.  ('nuff said)

Anyway ... Mondays are usually reserved for Moves, but I need to stay focused on my test in just shy of a month.  My Camel spin disappeared today.  I was loving my slow 4 rotations and now I would give my eye teeth for 4 slow rotations.  Tomorrow maybe.


  1. Oh Diane.... it is hard when you trying to train a program and your legs and joints don't want to keep up. Wish I had a good solution! I've pushed too hard and ended up in PT multiple times. Trying not to do that this time but, as a result, not spending as much time on the ice as I think I need. As far as skating envy.... your camel spin is still enviable to me in its current state, I'd be very pleased if I could do one like that.

  2. You have not lost your camel spin; it's still there. It took a brief break and will be back next time. Don't worry.

    I've tried 6 times to reply regarding Ragtime. Let's just say it closed for many reasons, not the least was producer Garth Drabinsky. He made some MAJOR accounting errors. I think he'll be allowed back in the US (from Canada) one day.

  3. Did I already ask you what you did in the show?

  4. My husband subscribes to my feed and did not know how to actually post a comment so I received it through my email and I'm posting his comment for him

    hile it's to bad you 'lost your camel spin' there are many things you still have.....

    You will always have a husband who loves you
    You will always have a husband who thinks you are the funniest person he knows
    You will always have the cutest grandchild one could hope for
    You will always be loved by your wonderful son
    You will always be free to do whatever you want
    You will always have many who respect what you are trying to accomplish
    You will always have the knowledge that you, Diane, have been the inspiration for many unknown skaters
    Why......I think you have a lot going for you!
    Love you,
    Your husband

  5. You would envy my skating. I have 4 revolutions on a two-foot spin, only front to back 3 turns and a waltz jump :)


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