Thursday, December 18, 2014

Two Lessons In One Session

Even though I only skate 1- 1 1/2 hrs at a time, skating 4 days in a row really takes it toll on me.  This week I skated Mon-Tue-Wed including a lesson on Monday and today (Thursday) I had 2 lessons during my freestyle session.  All this leading into Christmas week.  (limited if any ice time)

Starting with my choreographer we are trying to get this Silver FS program into shape for my upcoming test and potential competitions (still weighing that option).  I am getting closer to being able to complete one run through without needing to call an EMT.

Today she tried to teach me what is known at my rink as "The Randy Move" ..(he is the head coach at our club)  I'm sure plenty of skaters do it and call it what it is:  a deep forward outside edge, crossing with the opposite foot and instead of stepping onto the opposite foot while crossing you just step down and push back off it, lifting that foot and returning it to behind the skating foot in almost a t position and pushing off back onto the original outside edge.  When done properly and with pretty arms .. it looks great as you will see another one of our skaters demonstrated for me as well as my coach in my lesson.  Don't try this at home IT'S PATENTED!  (just kidding)

So we spent the good part of our lesson on this plus learning to turn out my foot and point and stretch during my spiral and going over my footwork.


Later that session, my coach worked with me with what little energy I had left on my Camel and Sit Spins as well as the above mentioned step.

If that wasn't enough I skated later that evening at another rink.  Thinking I was going to relax and do some beginning ice dance with a fellow skater (and local skating judge) .. who didn't show up... I ended up working on my elements there too.  I was so sore when the day was done.

Thinking about how the kids train 15-30 hours a week and more at the higher levels .. my body would never stand for it!


Not sure what the weekend holds and next week I am headed to Mt. Bachelor, Oregon for 4 nights with my hubby and 3 days of skiing (if it doesn't warm up too much and rain) - Maybe I'll get on the ice at Sunriver Village a few times.  It's sure to be crowded beyond belief, but maybe I can get my husband to strap on a pair of skates.


  1. That new move is fun! It’ll look beautiful in your program! You were super low in your last sit spin Wow! I always learn so much in your videos! Thanks for posting them. I’ve been working on the transition to a back spin for a while now and find it very hard to get up on the toe pick but I know that’s what I need to do (instead of just hopping up onto my other leg). It was neat to see it in your video! Happy Skating!

  2. I love The Randy Move too. I tried it on the ice and it is hard.. especially to get that push.
    Your camel looked amazing and you did get hat sit spin very low. It looks like you are very close to getting it. I'm working on the same thing and what helps me is to think about the free leg extending further... this tends to help me get lower. Try it, maybe it will help you too.


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