Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Toe Loop Tuesday

Had a fun practice today on a public session with my friend Heather of RedSwanUSA.com a great online shop for figure skaters.  Need tights?  Protection for your head or bum?  Bling bars for your laces?  Check her out.

She taught me a great exercise to get over my fear and loathing of Toe Loops.

You know what they say practice-practice-practice.  So that's what she suggested doing.
Toe Loops, one after the next in repetition.  By jove I think it may have worked.

Major accomplishment today.  I ignored all  the warning signs that I was about to enter cardiac arrest or muscle failure and kept skating until the end of my program.  MY FIRST COMPLETE RUN.
Granted, a few things are still missing for testing and a lot of things are missing for competition, but I kept going until the end.  The music had long stopped however .. so I must keep working at it, but I was pleased.  My music is 2:10 long and I was still going 10 seconds after .... so technically I skated 2:20 non-stop.... amazing.

Lesson with the choreographer on Thursday to seal the deal, then it's just work work work until January 14.  Test day.


  1. Great toe-loop exercise... I must try it sometime! I noticed that for both your forward and back sit spins, you start off almost in an upright spin position and then try to sit down. That makes the spin so much harder. The forward sit should technically start off with the same entrance as a camel spin. Maybe that will help?

  2. I know Eva, I hesitate. My skating knee hurts when I do deep bends and I am just waiting until I am brave enough to grunt through the pain of going into a sit position and getting back up!

  3. By the way, please tell your friend Heather that her bling bars rock! I am gifting them to skating friends for Christmas presents. :)

    1. Wil do.. I don't have enough skating friends to give those to



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