Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Moves + Figures + Free Style + Lesson

It was like waking up and deciding to start a diet.  I said the words out loud to my coach, " I think I want to try and test my Silver Free Skate July 9th at our next test session".

Of course I did put a huge emphasis on TRY.  Today I got to the rink and wasted 30 minute with my scribe and doing some old school figures first.  Outside and inside eights and even a Serpentine (which I have not attempted in ... gulp ... 44 YEARS.  Try saying that with your breakfast cereal.

Then I finished "fooling around" with figures.  Stroked and warmed up and decided that actually doing at least one set of the Gold MIF would really warm up my edges and ankles (in my still painful boot retrofit).  The moves didn't look very good  but they did help warm me up.

Then came some free style warm up.  I tried most of my jumps and even as much of a program run as I could muster up the energy for before my lesson.

My lesson time was spent going over my test program - explaining it to my coach (who did not choreograph it - nor did she even remember the music - that's how long it's been since we worked on it)  She made some small corrections and gave me plenty to work on.  And at the end of our lesson as she was starting her preschool class she had me put my music on and do a sort of run-through.

That nearly put me in the hospital.  MAX HEART RATE EXCEEDED.  I am going to need a plan of action to build my stamina.  I can do all the elements of the Silver Free Skate Test ... separately, but having the stamina to put them all together in a choreographed 2:10 program is going to be a hard climb.

Video #1 of 3

My self made patch session.

Video #2 of 3

Warm Up and Gold MIF practice (except the back eight)

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  1. You have a scribe? That will be very handy when you are working on your figure eight for the gold moves. I wish I'd had one for that! I like your program music! I want to take my silver freestyle test, too. Gotta get that camel spin to passing level!

    1. I do... I love it. I got it for that reason because I am struggling with the back eight and because I always wanted one. I was a poor child skater with hand-me-down skates and borrowed scribes. I really need to fix my Camel and I really want a few more things as well before I will compete at Silver. A good Lutz - Loop combo, a back Camel, back Sit. Well see what 2015 brings! Meanwhile .. I am studying your Gold MIF test !!!


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