Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Figures AGAIN !!

Not sure if I will keep using a scribe daily, but I am liking this order of practice.
Problem is:  This is a lot to squeeze into a 1 1/2 hour public session.

Younger skaters who skate on our club ice (although they do not do the figures) can do all this over 2-3 even 4 FS sessions every day.  

1. Figures
2. Moves In The Field
3. Stroking and Warm Up
4. Free Style (misc jumps, spins and connecting moves)
5. Program Runs
6. Cool down

Later that session.....

I practiced some transitions from my lesson Monday for my program and tried a few runs, then worked on bits and pieces and did some spins to close out the session.

Sometimes I feel like I hardly skated or accomplished anything - then I get home and look at the videos which take me a few days sometimes to edit and I realize I am making some progress and getting good practice time in.  My frustration always seems to obliterate the joy of progress!

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