Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Dutch Waltz

Today I skated again at Frontier Ice with my friend Sheila.  She tried to teach me how to do the basic steps of the Dutch Waltz.  It's so much harder than it looks and it's a great workout.

At the end of the session I did some power circles for my moves in the field practice.

And that's it for me on the ice until my skates come back.  I shipped them off to Harlick's today to have them reinforced.  My landing boot is breaking down.  I am noticing my jumps are getting weaker and it might have something to do with my boot breaking down.  I'm not quite ready to pop for another $1000 in new boots, so Phil at Harlick's says he can do a temporary reinforcement.

I should be out of commission about a week plus or minus a few days depending on how busy they are.  Next week is spring break anyway and the rink is very crowded during public sessions.

Happy Easter !


  1. Your Dutch Waltz is 1000% better than mine; I can't remember the steps! And you're working on Gold MIF??? I'm sooo jealous! To top it off, "Round and Round" from the original off-Broadway The Fantastics with Rita Gardner and the wonderful Jerry Orbach!!! Thank you so much for using that music; I haven't heard it in years! Thank you.

  2. Hope the fix works on your skates! Spring break sounds like a great choice of times to be gone from the rink.

  3. I am your fan !!! You are wonderful !



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