Thursday, July 21, 2022

Back in the Saddle Again!

 On the ice with my previous dance partner Mike Otis.  He took me through the first 6 dances back in 2016 and 2017.  We have decided to spend some time this summer skating together and taking some partnering lessons with coach Kendall LeClaire.

Day 1:  Evaluate our current skills and see where we are at!  

My 20 minutes with coach Kendall was spent on fundamentals.  Stroking, cross rolls, swing rolls, progressives front and back.  My takeaway was finally figuring out how to set my foot down on the ice during cross rolls like an ice dancer vs a freestyler or someone doing moves in the field.  

I was busy practicing during Mike's 20 minutes so I didn't see what they worked on.  Once together we just reacquainted ourselves with stroking side by side in hand hold.  We needed some help with even that! I can stroke pretty good with my coach Vitali in Arizona but he keeps a pretty good lock in our dance positions which makes it easier.  Skating with 2 skaters vs a skater and a coach is more difficult.

We made some progress on the side by side skating and found out we did better in Kilian hold.

It was a great first lesson with Kendall.  Looking forward to more..

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  1. Nice! Will we see the two of you at a competition?


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