Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Lesson 2 Ice Dancing - with a partner

 Kendall LeClaire is working with my partner Mike and I for the summer.  By October we hope to test or compete somehow ~ depending on how things go.  Maybe a Bronze Partnered Free Dance or test. Finding both ice time and free time for us to practice is the only thing holding us back.  

Lesson 2 was really good.  It’s amazing how different skating with a partner at your level is compared to skating with a pro who anticipates all your faux pas’ and poor posture and skating skills.  

In Arizona when I skate with my coach Vitali Vakunov it is a totally different experience. Only one of us is learning.

When I skated pairs with Hank ~ it was similar to this; in that we had to spend a lot of time getting a feel for each other’s speed, edges and body language.  You know you’ve reached that point when you stop looking at each other’s feet!

Today we worked on stroking hand in hand, then in Kilian stroking and some Swing Rolls and Chass├ęs then onto Progressives in Waltz hold.  We’re off to a great start.  

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