Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Moves I Ain’t Got

Practicing those pesky Gold Moves In The Field.  

They need some serious attention.  Especially the inside double three turns and the brackets.

The power circles need POWER.  From the first step to the last - all with POWER but increasing speed and circle size.

The double threes need more edge control and tidy feet.  I need to tuck my hips under me ~ pretty much for everything I do.  The inside double threes need some attention.  I have some great exercise for them but haven’t had enough ice time.

The backwards circle 8 is ok but needs better flow and especially the last edge = the LBI edge.  I always am misaligned and fall out of the circle or can’t continue the flow.

The brackets ..well… Plth.   They need work.  I know if I tuck my hips under me and keep neat feet without too much scissoring .. they will be cleaner.  Right now I can hardly do them without two - footing.

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