Monday, January 25, 2016

Hangover Monday

 Hangover Monday .... OK it's not what you think, the hangover is from binge watching the 2016 US nationals. Once I start watching I just can't stop - especially when the skating is as exciting as it was this year ...way to go Gracie Gold.  The men were amazing as well.

Since this is a blog about my skating and not about the status and future of US figure skating I won't vent here about my thoughts about all the pressure to do quads and so forth but wait I guess I already did.

I'm from the Peggy Fleming era and I miss graceful artistic yet athletic skating.  We live in an era of explosive multi rotational- who can do the most jumps and bend more like a pretzel era.

 So today we had a lesson but nothing seemed to go right including the recording of our practice ---
 We had a lesson working on our choreography and footwork nothing seem to gel today

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