Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pairs Day 2 - 2016

 Going my way?
I guess that's toward competition. Between yesterday and today I decided to go "all in" and enter the  qualifying event for ladies silver free skate at sectionals. Chances are I won't place high enough to qualify for nationals but I will still be able to skate at nationals during the non-qualifying open event. If that made any sense to you you're definitely involved in US figure skating. I entered all the events that I entered for 2014 ..Only at the silver level rather than bronze.  Plus this year I'm adding pairs to my repertoire. My coach and choreographer had a good laugh when I told them. They know how stressed out I get in and were a little surprised by the big bite of this sandwich.
 But the way I figure it I don't know how many years I have left to skate competitively I'm certainly not getting any younger or stronger ...  So why not? I decided to skate 4 events at nationals but only one at sectionals due to the exorbitant costs of registration.

 So I took Wednesday off to contemplate all that sign up and absorb the idea today I skated with Hank we had a great practice especially off ice… We're getting much better and actually getting our excellent in the air. But when we get on the ice it doesn't seem to happen... I think a few more practices will have it down... No wait up!

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