Thursday, January 28, 2016

Axel Lift SUCCESS!!

It has been a long time coming. Several months to be exact since we have started working on this both off and on the ice. We have been struggling for a myriad of reasons. Lately, we have been able to get this lift up in the air while we are off the ice at not on ice.

Yesterday after a brief hiatus from doing lifts due to my partner's small injury we attempted the lift before we got on the ice and after warming up we decided to "go for it" and after two tries… We did it !!!  Although it was far from perfect and my legs were piked (in a bad position)... We did get the lift up on the ice and much to my surprise my partner announced while I was up there that he was going for the turn. I never expected that and I think by the time I realized I was up there I helped myself down during the turn. He said if I has just hung on longer we would have completed the rotation !! 

Anyway it was a great practice today. We worked on some new things and some old things, some choreography, footwork and spins.  I guess we were thinking about making up for a bad practices on Monday and Tuesday.

 I will be officially on vacation tomorrow for the next few weeks… I have decided not to bring my skates which may or may not be a good idea with competition so near. It was just too difficult to try and find ice time in Australia and New Zealand on the days we would be there . If I have any OZ or Kiwi readers -- sorry I missed the chance to skate at: Canterbury Olympic Ice in Sydney, Paradice Ice in Auckland, and Dunedin Ice Stadium in that city.

Till then.... E noho ra (that is me Maori for farewell)

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