On The Edge... Again

The last time I skated regularly, you needed 2 pair of skates, a scribe and skated patch. Triple jumps were almost unheard of, so were Bielman spins. Twizzles were only done by ice dancers and Ronald Regan was just elected into office.

Fast Forward 32 years. Starting January 2, 2012, I am back on the ice doing something else that was unheard of .... Adult Figure Skating. We had "coffee club", which was like adult swim, but there was no opportunity for testing or competition.

Update 2021. It has now been 9 years since I began adult skating. I have not competed since 2016 , but my blog is still going. My YouTube channel has over 1.76k subscribers. That’s just crazy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

New year.  New goals.

Get ready for Silver Pairs FS at Adult Nationals in April.

Get ready for Silver FS, Dramatic and Light Entertainment at Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals in March.  Not sure if I will do all three however, since I am skating pairs.  4 events will be stressful, exhausting and expensive, but I already have a costume for my LE program.  Such a dilemma.

I'm still contemplating whether or not to register for the new Silver Qualifying event or if I will just skate the Non-Qual events.  I can't imagine skating against 21 year olds ... Potentially.  Some of those ladies have Axels and Flying Camels!!

Today we had a long lesson and we finally got our Axel lift up in the air both off ice and on ice.
Far from perfect, but it's a huge improvement from our last attempts.

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