Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Maybe I'm Not Ready For Twizzles

My lesson today was very productive.  We went over the elements that were already choreographed and added on the next part.  So far we've planned:

  • A Forward Pivot
  • A Back Spin
  • An Ina Bauer
  • A Waltz Jump - Toe Loop Combination
  • A Sit Spin
With connecting moves and arms in between ..... 

Can I do all this?  Pretty half way at this point.  I can see that once it is fully planned out, there will be weeks of tweaking and months of building up the stamina to pull it all off.

I got a great tip today on the Sit Spin.  I was putting my free leg too far off to the side.  My coach told me to put it more in front.  Just like that ... I was centered- sitting on top of my boot and completing nearly 10 revolutions.  Getting up again... I sort of fell out of it, but it was a great hurdle.  Afterwards in practice I didn't do as well as you will see on the video.

Below is a video for anyone who has never skated who wants to know what a skater sees when we spin.  This is a relatively slow spin too.

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