Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No Video Today

Great ice today.  Unfortunately I could not execute either a Back Spin or a Waltz Jump - Toe Loop combination.  As a matter of fact, the more times I attempted the combination the more FEAR built up in my mind.

I makes no sense why I can do a Flip Jump without fear, but not a Toe Loop.  I won't spend much time analyzing it.  I just hope it will work itself out.  I came home and watched Michael Weiss do 30 of them on Monkey See.  He gets great height off a single Toe Loop and shows it in real time and then slow motion.  I need to just go for it .... reach way back, stick that toe pick in and vault myself up and around.

Tomorrow I am taking the day off the ice.  I have too much to do around the house and Friday I am going to California and plan to skate at Belmont on Friday after I have my boots looked at by Harlick and then at Dublin on Monday.

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