Monday, April 9, 2012

Meanwhile ... Back on the Ice

I was so happy to pull up to the rink today and only see so few cars out front.  For the most part, spring break is over in my neck of the woods.

The ice was freshly scraped and there were only 3 other people skating.  That left me no excuses for not trying.  As you can see I also wore a skating skirt today to try and force myself to work a little harder.  Have I mentioned my rink is freezing?  So wearing a skirt forces you to skate hard enough to warm up your muscles ... or else.

I also noticed my new bunion didn't hurt as bad.  Maybe it's not going to be permanent.  I hope not.

I brought my music and headphones today to try and experiment with some connecting moves for my program.  I hope to be able to contribute to the program and not let my coach just tell me every element, step, gesture.

Today I worked at spirals, backspins, sit spins, camel spins, attitude spins, footwork, spread eagle, ina bauers, waltz jump, salchow, loop jumps.  I still need to straighten out my skating leg and lock it and my free leg on my spirals.  I feel as though it is, but it's not.

Question:  Are names of jumps proper nouns?  Should I capitalize them?  I think so.

I was kind of happy about my sit spin.  My video turned off and I didn't catch one in practice... you will have to take my word for it.  I seem to be able to get a little lower and hold it longer and almost ..get up and complete an upright scratch spin when I finish.  The rules say you have to do at least 3 revolutions in position.

I attempted a few camel spins too (also not captured on video) and not being able to get into that position quickly are going to make the road to re learning a camel spin more difficult.

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