Monday, April 2, 2012

Practicing 3 Turns

It's spring break and the public session I normally skate at was crowded.  Add to that some post nasal drip from a cold and the result was not too much excitement on the ice today.

I practiced 3 turns from the Adult Silver MIF test on a smaller scale.  Realizing soon after I  started that I can not really do them very well any more, I decided to video tape myself to see if I could see what I am doing wrong.  Splat!

Lesson tomorrow at 11:00 am at the start of the session.  I hope it goes better than today!

I also met the nicest lady named Jill.  She is 76 years old and still skates.  She skated in 1958 with Holiday On Ice and Dick Button.  Amazing.  She is very graceful, but  she wisely wears a helmet.


  1. Your turns are quite nice. I won't critique the back ones, as they just need more practice (I cannot do a back inside turn to save my life. I can sometimes turn around, but then it comes to a standstill). But the forward ones I think you can fix up just a little- hold the entry edge longer and work on turning at the TOP of the lobe. You turn very early, and then have to hold the exit edge for an uneven amount of time.

    OUCH on the fall!

    Also- is your rink freezing? That is a heavy looking jacket. I am so glad I don't have to deal with that.

  2. Freezing ... is an understatement. I have on Mondor skating tights, capri length leggings, yoga pants over the top (which I pull the bell bottom up over my thigh when I skate so I don't trip on the flare of the pants). Up top I have a camisole, a long sleeved zipped cotton blend jacket, a USFSA vest and then a down lightweight jacket from North Face ... I have to be skating pretty hard to remove any layers. This particular day as you can see it was really crowded so I was not skating very hard.... brrrr I can see from your photos you skate at what looks like a mall rink... much warmer!

    1. Yes- often the mall is so hot I want to be able to skate in booty shorts and a sports bra like the kids do (no way!). The other day I was in LTS after a really hard private lesson completely overheated thinking "just fall, then you can lay on the ice for awhile", but I'm too chicken to fall, and I can't just sit down... In the winter it is cold, but not winter jacket cold!

      We have another rink in the area that is quite cold- I always wear a fleece and gloves and in the winter add ear warmers, but your rink seems excessively cold. I'm surprised they can attract public skaters!

  3. After warm-ups for my test I had to wait near the penalty box area under a heater from above and with an additional heater on the counter to keep from getting cold while I waited for my skate! No problem attracting skaters around here. Hockey is huge and there are only 3 rinks within 50 miles (1 of which is seasonal)


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