Thursday, April 5, 2012

Too Much Information

I should probably put a warning or disclaimer before posting these photos.  These are not what I would call attractive feet.  They have been toting me around for 52 years, many of which they have supported me  20-30 lbs over weight and crammed into pointed, high heeled shoes.  I have seen worse (ballet dancers feet).

When I returned from a wonderful 10 day cruise to the Caribbean (after wearing flip flops nearly the entire time), something occurred on the outside of my left foot.  It appears I have a new bunion baby ...

The day after we returned I skated my Pre Bronze Test and when I put my skates on and stood up I thought there was a rock in my boot.  I unlaced and checked my tights.  Nothing was bunched up, no seam there, no rock obviously... I re-laced and adjusted the best I could.  I could still feel it.  Once I got home I noticed the new bunion.  Great.

This week I have skated 3 times and it's still there.  My coach suggested I have it punched out.  I have this trust issue when it comes to my new investment.  Fortunately, I am planning a trip to the Bay Area next Friday and conveniently flying into Oakland, CA and renting a car, then meeting a friend near Stanford.  Once again.... Harlick to my rescue!

I called Harlick's today and spoke to Ginger.  She said Phil will be away at Adult Nationals, but Jason will be there to check out my feet and punch out my boots, if necessary.  I was planning on bringing my skates anyway so that I could skate a day or two in California.

Problem solved!  Thank you Harlick!

New Bunionette

I know .. I need a pedicure

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