Thursday, May 10, 2012


When I started this project it was never my intention to get a readership.  I wanted to keep a journal of my skating progress.  Then I started thinking about how boring a journal can be, even for the writer.  We are a society of audio-visual, social networking, it's-all-about-me nowadays.  So I thought I would create a blog, track my progress and offer an open book to my training, methods, philosophies, victories, agony and defeat.

Today I checked my "stats" and realized I now have had 1999 views of my blog.  By this time tomorrow it will be 2000.  So once again I am jumping the gun!

Went to my first physical therapy session today at Pearson & Weary Pain Clinic.
I was referred by my Orthopedic surgeon's after discovering I have pain associated with my Sacroiliac joint.  (bone spurs). I had another complete evaluation done here and we started doing some  Graston and Active Release techniques (both of which I am yet to understand myself ... click the links to learn more)  After my session I enjoy 20 minutes in a high-end massage chair with a beautiful mural on the wall and spa music... I wanted to call out for Chinese food and spend the entire day there!

Instead I turned off the massage chair and went skating.  I had a pretty good session after all that chair massage and manipulation beforehand.  I recorded about 15 minutes of it, but after the session ended I traded my Droid Razr that I just bought 22 days ago for a new iPhone 4s.  (thereby losing my last video)

I worked on my MIF today and all my jumps.  Successfully, but not eloquently landing a Waltz Jump, Toe Loop, Waltz Toe combination, Flip Jump, Loop Jump, 1/2 Lutz ... yes I am starting to consider trying a Lutz.

My spins were off center today..  Nothing worked.  What I thought would be an easy 1:50 number to choreograph is turning into a nightmare for me.  Today I told my coach I will not test my free skate this June.  I'm not ready.

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