Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Lesson

No video to post today.  I had a 30 minute lesson to work entirely on my Bronze free skate program.  We were hoping to finish it, but due to my lack of memory retention, lack of ability to execute some of the elements and lack of stamina ... we only made a little progress.

So far we have:

Forward ccw pivot
Bent R knee spiral (artistic)
Inside Edge to back spin
Exit spin to Ina Bauer
Step out into L Mohawk to back LO edge
Back R crossovers to forward glide to cross ice (artistic arms)
LF3 turn to back crossovers into Waltz Toe Loop
Hold landing, LF3 turn to back R crossovers into sit spin
Exit spin, forward stroking into RF spread eagle
Exit to RBO edge into flip

.... it's a work in progress....

On top of that, my practice session following the lesson resulted in quite of bit of frustration.  I'm feeling a little discouraged right now and plan to take a few days off and resume next week.  

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