Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Program Progess

I had a 30 minute lesson today.  I accidentally left my skating pants at home and had to skate in BLUE JEANS for a lesson.  Way to go!

We started out working on the Moves in the Field.  Everything is looking nearly passable at this point, so I won't linger on the subject.  I have nearly a month more to practice so we put that on the shelf and addressed the issues I have with my incomplete program:

Issue #1.  I had a Back Spin choreographed at the beginning of my program and I can't do it very well or very consistently yet.  I requested to move it to later in the program, perhaps at the very end.  I don't want to start my program off with a fall or mistake.  (My coach agreed to move it further into the program, but she thinks it would even harder to execute it at the end when I am really tired)

Issue #2. I'm still getting overly dizzy while spinning. WHEN IF EVER IS THIS GOING TO SUBSIDE???? (Nothing my coach could do about that)

We did move the Back Spin and replace it with an Ina Bauer into a Sit Spin.  It will work out much better.

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  1. I never put my most difficult element at the start, other wise I stress out too much, but then again I know lots of people that like to get the hardest element out of the way so they can enjoy the rest of the program. What ever works best for you, as long as you get allyour elements in there.


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