Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lesson and Practice

I got about an hour of practice in today just before my lesson.  My test date is just 13 days away so we concentrated on the Moves In The Field for most of our lesson.  I finally captured a little bit of it on video today.

My moves are mostly passable, but I need more work on smooth 3 turns, more knee bend and arm extension for the transitions and keeping my head up.

Also on my back outside edges I am starting to do sort of a swing roll instead of just a back edge.  Need to correct that.

At the end of the lesson we talked a bit about my problem with the backspin.  I thought I had made some progress.  Drawing my arms to my chest in more of a jump/gather position.  When I demonstrated it, my coach told me I had improved, but what I was doing was a forward inside edge spin.  Which she said was VERY HARD and reserved for high level skaters!!!  I had to laugh.  It wasn't a good spin, but that's the edge I was on.  When I get on my outside edge I seem to fall to the back of my blade (scary).  Tomorrow I will capture some practice on that.

Here is my practice today and my lesson covering Power 3 Turns for the MIF:


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