Thursday, July 12, 2012

Choctaw Concussion

Less than 5 minutes after I got on the ice today with my friend Sheila, we were at the rail  while she was trying to explain to me what a Choctaw was.  I thought it was something different and tried to demonstrate it.  Next thing you know I hear the "click of death" of my blades hitting each other and down I go... backwards.  Butt first followed by a head slam to the ice.  Boy that hurts.  When those trip/falls happen I usually get hurt worse than if I am jumping or spinning and fall.

I did recover, but my skating for the rest of the session was a waste of time.  I couldn't get through my newly finished program, nor could I do my combination jumps.

Choctaws... fooey.


  1. Ouch. I've bought a Bern multi-sport helmet to wear whenever I'm going to try/attempt new to me elements. I too slammed my head on the ice a few months ago during a backwards fall. Scary!

  2. Hope you're ok! Yes, those unexpected falls are the worst. I keep thinking about an Ice Halo but can't commit to spending the money yet because I am not positive I would wear it.

    Your program is coming along so nicely! I hope you're looking forward to your competition. I'm the skater who commented about losing my best element a few weeks before my competition. Sadly it is still lost, at least for one of my programs. I can do it by itself, and in one of my programs (slower entrance, different arms) but still chickening out in the other. I still have some time to keep working on it, and worst case, I can do a lame entrance and still pull off the element. In the IJS world (which I will never be in), I'd get boatloads of negative GOE but it's 6.0 so not quite as punishing. Better a lame entrance than not doing it at all.

    Your program is going to be SO beautiful for the competition!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment and encouragement. I wish I could say I was looking forward to it. Instead I am just nervous. I think the ideal competitive edge is to always "look forward" to it. I hope to get to that point someday, even if it's at the Bronze level!

      It helped me yesterday to break out the trouble element and just work on it... i.e. the toe loop. I remember in piano it's the same... stuck on one or two bars... don't start the entire piece over... work on the trouble spot.

      All my non-skating friends and family always say... "why don't you wear a helmet" ... I just can't. Maybe when I am 75 (if I am still skating)

    2. There is a 73 year old in my freeskate group class :) I'm sure you'll still be at it at 75! (She doesn't wear a helmet though.)

  3. Oh no hope it wasn't too bad! I've wondered whether it'll be good to wear an Ice Halo, but I just don't want to! I'm not scared of falling forwards/sideways at all (got kneepads on), but am terrified about falling backwards. Which is partly why I think I don't like spins.
    Don't think too much about it being a "competition". I mean, there's actually only you anyway. Maybe if you think of it as being an exhibition to showcase your beautiful new program you won't be so nervous? Good luck and enjoy yourself!

  4. Ouch, falling on your head really hurts! I hope it hasn't happened to you again!
    I'm an adult skater as well and recently got back on the ice after a non-skating related injury. The thing is that now that I'm back, I'm REALLY terrified of falling and injuring myself. I can't even do step sequences or forward crossovers because I'm so afraid of falling.
    Do you have any advice on how to get rid of that? Thanks! :-)

  5. When I figure it out myself I will let you know!!!!


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