Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Skated Exhibition Today

On Thursdays during summer the Lilac City FSC does what they call "Pops".  Anyone in the club can run their program once.  This was a great opportunity for me to try out my program before the competition day with people watching.

My legs were shaking beyond belief.  I definitely messed up, however I did not fall and I landed nearly all my jumps, however small.


  1. The sit spin wasn't low enough and I exited wrong
  2. After the sit spin I was supposed to do a back crossover, 3 turn to forward crossovers then start the spiral sequence closer to the blue line than the middle  
  3. The first jump element was supposed to be a waltz-toe instead of just a waltz jump
  4. I forgot my transition step from that jump leading to the spread eagle.
  5. The spread eagle was cut a little short
  6. The salchow-loop needed more speed, height and a stronger landing
  7. The step sequence needs to be quicker and more defined
  8. After the flip jump at the end of the step sequence I forgot my transition steps 
  9. After the lunge I forgot my transition steps leading to the final scratch spin
  10. I am hoping for a better back pivot and holding my final pose longer 
  11. Throughout the program my hands are not extended straight out to the fingertips
Having said that.  I was totally happy and grateful that I skated as well as I did for this FIRST TIME EVER skating an exhibition.

A very interesting thing happened as a result of this skate.  I am extremely sore today in my back, neck, core.  I think the added pressure of holding it together in front of people made me more tense than usual in my muscles while I was skating.  For sure I will will sitting in the hot tub tomorrow and taking some anti inflammatory pain killers.

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  1. Good luck with your competition skate tomorrow! Hope you have a wonderful time. I wouldn't worry about ending on time - adrenaline usually makes you speed through elements so you will probably end right with the music!



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