Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Week New Ice

Camping is over.  Husband is back to work.  I have about 12 days to practice daily and see if I can't pull off this attempt at skating my Adult Bronze Program in "competition" on July 13/14.  If you are just tuning in... I am the only competitor at my level of "Adult Bronze" ... never mind that I am a IV which means ... old... over 50.

Something is up with this iPhone.  The Droid was so much more reliable for video.  Sometimes it doesn't focus.  Sometimes it shoots sideways and I have to take the time to turn it around when I upload it.  Today it did both.  I am posting the only thing that captured well.

Not sure if it's the ice or me or both, but my spins today were really shaky.  Especially the Sit Spin as I got lower down to the ice.

I tried putting my arms straight out as someone suggested to me for better effect and it threw me off.  I will try again tomorrow.


  1. Does your competition divide by age class? I thought those were only for sectionals and nationals.

    Good luck!

  2. Probably not, I'm just sayin.........!

  3. Great Job!!! I am working on getting my sit spin lower.

    ISI groups you by age and/or level depending on the event. I've been skating ISI for 7 years.

    Happy Skating

  4. forgot: try to drop your free leg/hip down same level w/skating hip. Also practice holding or touch your free leg (or chins) with one hand while spinning and that will make you go lower. Also when you hook your 3 turn try to deep knee bend (mitten crunch) then spin one rotation w/free leg out, then drop.

    Spin Clini w/ Bobbe Shire

    Happy Skating


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