Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Competition vs Test

Today I found out that my Adult Bronze level "competition" does not have the same requirements as the Adult Bronze Free Skate "test".  In my heart, I knew this, but I was thinking my competition program would suffice as a test program and vice versa.

I had a 1 hour lesson today to complete the program needed for this Saturday's competition: "Well Balance Free Skate - Adult Bronze".   What this means is NO BACKSPIN REQUIRED !!!  Yes!

Fortunately I am not competing against anyone this time and it is my very first competition EVER in my life.  So I just want to get through with the bare minimum requirements.

Changes to rules for 2012-2013

Jumps Max 4 = I have 3 with 2 combinations of 2 jumps each
Spins Max 2 = I have 2
Step Sequence = Yes (Spirals will be counted as transitions)

My program (now complete) has the following *required elements in the following order:
  1. Opening position - forward pivot - bent knee spiral - inside edge - Ina Bauer to
  2. Sit *spin  (spin #1 of 2)  forward crossover 
  3. RFI Spiral (to be counted as a transition), 3 turn, 2 back crossovers
  4. *Waltz - Toe (jump #1 of 3) 
  5. Transition steps: 3 turn, back crossovers, back edge, Spread Eagle 
  6. *Salchow - Loop (jump #2 of 3)
  7. *Footwork Sequence (mohawk, back 3, mohawk, cross step, fwd 3, falling leaf
  8. *Flip Jump (jump #3 of 3) ..... The one I fell on!
  9. Lunge 
  10. *Scratch spin (possible Attitude)
  11. Ending in a back pivot
So here are two attempts at the completed program today.  I fell on the first try at the end.  On the second try I was way off the music.  (too slow)


  1. Just so you know, you have the old competition requirements. They only allow 2 spins now, not 3, and the jump elements are 4 max, with max of 2, not 3 combos.

    There used to be a lot of question over whether a bronze test program would even be possible as a bronze competition program. Because you used to be required to do 3 spins of a different nature in competition, but in test backspin and scratch spin are both upright spins. During 6.0 there was no "of a different nature" so those were considered different spins, under IJS- the term came up, and upright is same nature regardless of foot. Mixing the two systems is confusing.

    Now, however, the scratch spin is no longer on the test, and since you only get 2 spins, not three, of a different nature is easier for low level spinners, since you do one sit spin and one upright spin. (My bronze competition program is going to have a change position spin and a change foot spin though- the competition around her has good jumps, so I need some good spins to counter act.)

    The other problem using a bronze test program brings up is that it takes all your jump blocks without giving you much chance to score well- because you have to do waltz-toe and a toe loop, you've maxed out of toe loops. If you have a strong loop, you could add that to your salchow, but I sure don't! So for bronze competition, I'll probably do waltz-falling leaf-toe, and salchow-toe, and then do a waltz and a salchow as individual jumps.

    That said, I did my test program as a competition program once, and while I placed second (last)- I did get a first place ordinal over someone with a competition designed program.

  2. Thank yo for that info. I updated the page. Still gotta work on my back spin however. I hope to have a camel/sit by the time I go to Adult Nationals next year and front to back change foot spin. That's a tall order though. I also really need a Lutz.

  3. It's really shaping up! I really like your program, especially the beginning steps, they're so graceful! I'm starting to get to know your routine too because I've been following your practices lol.
    Did you choreograph this though? It's very lovely. I thought that coaches would do that though.

  4. Thank you. My coach choreographed most of it. I threw in the Ina B and the Spread Eagle


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