Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jo Williams Memorial Cup Jul 14, 2012

My first competition ever.  Wow.  I was so nervous.  I skated from 12:00 to 1:00 at EWU and somehow pulled my groin or something down there from not warming up properly.  Ouch it smarts.

At the wall with my coach Berkley during warmup
Skating out getting into starting pose

Here is how it went down:

What went wrong:

  1. My legs were shaking from warmups to end of my program
  2. I did a Waltz - Waltz instead of a Waltz - Toe Loop (kind of planned with my coach moments before we went on the ice)
  3. My spread eagle ended too close to the wall (out of the sight of the judges)
  4. My salchow-loop was way smaller than normal
  5. My straight line sequence was on a diagonal (I was trying to get back to the center of the rink)
  6. At the end of my crooked footwork sequence I two-footed the flip
  7. Then I made up the ending unlike what we planned
  8. The music ended… I was still skating for 5 seconds and omitted a pivot for the sake of time
  9. Camera failed for hubby 30 seconds into it.

What went right:

  1. I skated
  2. I did not fall
  3. I actually enjoyed about 20 seconds of the 1:50 of it… 
  4. It's over
  5. I'm not discouraged and want to try again

We had to buy the $40 video from the professional since my camera stopped taping in the middle.  5-6 weeks they say.

I was the only one in my event.  I have no idea if I placed 1st or 2nd .. I would guess 2nd since I didn't do all the required jumps correctly.  Somehow I didn't have enough discussion with my coach about how it all works.  I was really hoping for a judges critique.


  1. Congrats on surviving your first competition! You looked so graceful. I get the shaking legs, too. It is VERY difficult to skate on shaking legs. Your sit spin was fantastic, and your dress was so pretty. I hope you had fun. USFS doesn't have skating 'against the book' anymore, so you got first place regardless! And there really aren't any required elements for Bronze, anyway. You're thinking of the test. There are maximum numbers of jump passes and spins but I don't think there are any required elements - I don't have my well-balanced program sheet handy. Hope your muscle pull feels better tomorrow.

  2. Can't tell that your legs are shaking because you still look so graceful! Sounds like a great experience, can't wait to see you do the next competition!

  3. Congrats for surviving the experience ;) your spin was beautiful and you are still as graceful as ever!
    Just got my competition schedule and I'm the only entry too. Which is a bummer because I was hoping to see some other skaters. Only 2 adults total are competing--the other is Silver. Chalk it up for experience. The day before I'll be testing for Adult PreBronze.

  4. Congratulations!!!! You manage to pull it together, well done!!! For your first competition it was great!! the next one will be WOW!! My ISI Conference Naitonal 2012 competition was not my best I place 3rd Open Silver and it was well deserved. I my knees were like jello (my dad had passed away that time), but was happy with it. The most important thing is that you did it, you did it gracefully and courage. I admire you and your skating.

    Happy Skating
    Diana Thakur

  5. It was beautiful to watch and I loved the music. I hear you on the shaking-I had no idea my legs could shake so much. But now you'll know and you'll be ready for the next time.

  6. The nerves really didn't show at all, you have nice flow and a beautiful landing position. Even Patrick Chan finished aftter the musuc at the last Olympics son don't worry, it happens to the best of them!

  7. Just started reading your blog. This is really inspiring as I was thinking I was crazy to be nearly 50 and wanting to skate again.

    Congratulations! It was a beautiful performance. As others have said, you seemed very graceful and self-assured. Couldn't see any leg-shaking. I enjoyed the footwork and beautiful leg extension.


  8. Thanks. Holy cow that was 2 years ago. I feel I haven't improved much! My nerves didn't improve in my next competition this year either!!


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