Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back To Work

Despite having family visiting this week, I forced myself to skate and have a lesson today.  I really don't have another minute to waste if I want to make it to Adult National Championships next April.

I have to qualify to go by passing the Adult Bronze Free Skate Test and that requires a 1:50 program with:

 * Back Spin (min 3 revolutions)
 Sit Spin (min 3 revolutions)
 Waltz Toe combination jump
 Toe Loop jump all by itself
 Salchow jump

* The Back Spin is currently my nemesis, but the practice went extremely well considering I have been off the ice for so long and I am overweight and out of condition at the moment.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Diane - welcome back to the ice! My coach actually just changed my backspin and it's centered about 90% of the time now. I hope this might help you (if not, at least it is something you can try to see if it works). Hold the entrance of the spin (the FI edge) for at least half a circle. While this is happening, keep your free leg (left leg) BEHIND you rather than in front or off to the side. After you have held your FI edge for the half circle, then flip your edge to BO. All you need to do is turn your upper body to "meet" your leg. The back leg never needs to move since it was behind you the whole time. Your body should be aligned into the back spin position, and all you have to do now is pull in.

    This is definitely a different way to approach the spin, but it might be worth a try!


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