Thursday, September 26, 2013

Where Did My Back Spin Go?

Let's start with the positive.  A few days of sensible eating and daily exercise has resulted in a 5 pound difference on the scale.  Yippee.

I took a day off skating yesterday to play golf with the gals for the last time of the season.  It started out bad and got progressively worse.  I wish I had skated instead.

Back on the ice today ... and PRIVATE ice I might add ... I was hoping for everything to start clicking.
Each day I skate I feel a little stronger, but along come these little hiccups.  I felt like I was getting close to getting a handle on my backspin and today it was gone.  I must have tried 15-20 times (which I didn't put on the video because it was awful.)

Secondly my footwork is not coming together.  I will have to confer with some skaters to see why I can't seem to get this little hop into my footwork.  Too difficult to explain here - TOO SIMPLE TO KEEP ASKING MY COACH!

I only ran through my program 1 time due to the difficulties I had with my back spin and my footwork.

I did attempt the Silver Moves In The Field.  They are in bad shape.  The edges are so fundemental to skating ... I should do them every day as it would help all the other aspects of my freestyle.

We'll see what tomorrow brings... as for today .. this was it:

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  1. The backspin will come and go as you get comfortable with it. Just remember that for your bronze test, you only need 3 revolutions, your free leg position is optional, and you have the possibility of a re-skate. I think you can definitely pull that off.


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