Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2 Lesson Tuesday

I shouldn't bother with a post today.  I had low battery life on everything!
My iPod was dead.  The iPod player was dead.  My phone had 30%.
My body started at 50% and dwindled to 12% by the time I ended my 2nd lesson.

Video doesn't show much today.

Free Style Lesson:

She always asks me if I have any concerns or if there is something I want to work on … or
should I leave it up to her.  I left it up to her and she wanted to address jumps.

She asked for a Waltz.  Then a Waltz-Loop.  The Loop was in one place, so we worked on securing the Waltz landing and getting good spring for the Loop and I was getting about 2 blades length off the Loop.

Then we moved to the Flip.  We checked the tracing.  Something I never noticed before nor was it ever pointed out to me:  The initial landing is heavy and thick .. showing for about 6 inches, then it thins out, demonstrating a lighter glide and more curved when acquiring the back outside edge, then you can see it thickened up again.  She said this is where I struggled a bit to hang onto the landing.  Then it thins out again.  Obviously if you don't video yourself, you can't see how you did, but you can go back and inspect the tracings to see what went right/wrong.  I wish I had taken a picture of them.  Next time I get clean ice I will try to remember to photograph my tracings of all my jumps.

The Lutz - Waltz - Loop and Flip - Loop went ok.  Need to remind myself  while doing jump #1 to get ready for jump #2 !!  It's bad form to land with free leg extended behind, then swing it forward to execute the next jump.

….. end of fine print


  1. I think I'd be not only into the red but in shutdown mode before the end of an hour and 45 minutes of lessons! First part to go would be the brain-- I can only remember so much new choreography at once.

  2. Me too. That little bit you see there was at least an hour of the choreographers time and several days of practice … it's the hardest thing for me to remember the little steps and nuances.



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