Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Night Freestyle …

I went to a freestyle session last night.  This particular rink has just been rebuilt after a snow load that destroyed the rink a few years ago.  They are still getting back on their feet and the figure skating club is very limited.  2 sessions a week, sometimes just 1 and they are now littered with learn to skate group sessions.  To me, that's not a freestyle session.  Nevertheless, it beats a public session at this same rink.

The session is only 1 hour and I never get there on time or early for off ice warm up… so 1/2 the session is wasted by my just stroking to warm up my legs.  Will I ever learn?

I didn't label my video today - just slapped on one of figure skatings most over-used pieces of music Carmen's "Habanera"!!  I can see why it's used so much though .. it's got some moments.

Really frustrated with my progress on the layback.  The position actually hurts in the back and hips … maybe it's a warning.  Also my camel spin is getting more consistent into position, but I need to work on speed going into the hook as  I am not getting enough revolutions for my expectations.

There just isn't enough time to work on everything - stroking, edges, turns, jumps, spins and 3 programs in 1 hour…. need more ice time … and a can of spinach!

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